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Join us for 1 Million Cups Houston every Wednesday at 9 a.m.
at the Microsoft Store - Galleria Mall (above the ice rink)

5015 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77055 Get Directions

It’s happening right now!

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Meet the Organizers

Anthony Covington @ehcov

Avid problem solver, entrepreneur, and Professional Yes Man™, Anthony seeks to empower communities and bring ideas to life.  Anthony is currently directing Cerberus Star Enterprises, which integrates video as a data point to a better decision making process.

Ramón Lozano @tweetsramon

Ramón Lozano is a strategist for med-tech entrepreneurial ventures. He has a passion for business recruitment generating capital investment and job creation. He has held key roles with Texas cities and joined state officials on missions in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Lozano is on a team developing a medical device for space applications.
SoftIntel Ventures

Rebecca Rodriguez

Rebecca has worked in the nonprofit & government sectors for the past 15 years. She now works with funding sources to build meaningful measures to gauge social impact. About to launch her second for profit endeavor, Rebecca will support philanthropists through her Do/Accomplish support model as she creates tipping points within the nonprofit community.

Past Organizers

Past Presenters


If you read through scientific research on brain enhancing herbs, extracts, and nutrients, it is incredible how dramatically they can increase your cognitive functioning. However, there is a huge knowledge gap between what has been discovered and what the public are aware of. MentalBright is a product that has used these studies to create a brain supplement that improves memory and increases brain clarity and cognitive abilities.

Lend A Hand Family DBA (H3 Healthy Hip Hop)

At Lend A Hand Family, Inc., we strive towards reaching youth and strengthening our community. We have branded "Healthy Hip Hop" music which impresses a mentality of overall positive living. Our exemplary music influences listeners to increase physical activity, value education and to work hard at reaching goals. We focus on creating products and services that will stimulate, motivate, and educate our youth.

Young Potential Development LLC YPD

Are we really preparing our children for the future? YPD is a company focused 100% on developing potential in teenagers and any one who want to have access to our four basic skills. The structured development of an individual’s innate, but often neglected: Energy Creativity Communication and Leadership skills This are the four pillars of YPD´s innovative and proven training method & program. YPD produces top of the line digital multi-platform content for teachers and students for classroom use as well as for online self-study.

Sibme was founded by career educators and experienced technologists with the mission to improve teaching and learning. Video has the potential to revolutionize the way we train, develop, and support teachers. Sibme is an online video collaboration platform that allows for the organization of classroom videos and related documents to support teacher development and training in a private and secure account that a school, district, or education-related organization manages.


ScribeSense makes testing less stressful for both teachers and students. Our secure online service automates grading process and provides insights on class performance.

AUGMENTe Tech Studio

AUGMENTe is an augmented reality leader that envisions a universe that takes you far beyond the everyday world to a deeper, more textured, holistic reality. Our innovation studio strives to guide humanity toward an amazing, awe-inspiring future by developing and integrating more innovative augmented and virtual reality applications that help businesses thrive. AUGMENTe products drive customers wild and stimulate purchase.

Seln (Celine) which stands for simple enough to learn now is a language fluency app designed to make you fluent in any language guaranteed within a year.

The Wife Registry, LLC

A free wish list and reminder service for couples. Allows users to add products from anywhere online to a personalized wish list. Wish lists may be shared or kept private and users purchase gifts directly from retailers. Users can set up special occasion reminders for their partner or themselves.

Trilogyz Wireless Inc.

We create premium Bluetooth devices allowing users to stream audio wire-free. Our luxury proprietary product that differentiates us is our patented SLD Headset. With the integration of Wifi, Bluetooth, an android media module, & USB port we have transformed a basic functionless headphone into a Smart Listening Device. Now users can converse, download their favorite songs, media files, & mobile apps (Such as Pandora radio) directly to their headsets.

Texas Carpet Baggers

We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing unique, functional and beautiful handbags. We grew our business 7 times for 2012 to 2013. And the majority of that growth was between Aug. to Dec. of last year. My clients buy our bags because that are different...not massed produced. We use only beautiful upholstery fabrics, genuine leathers, sturdy hardware and exceptional construction. Our line includes bags as small as a clutch and goes as big as big as an overnighter.

Fresh and Fluffy Natural Dry Dog Shampoo

Fresh and Fluffy is the only all natural, dry dog shampoo specially designed to freshen your dog’s coat and infuse it with a peppermint or lavender fragrance. It I 100% waterless and consists on only four all natural ingredients. It transforms stinky dogs into fragrant pups fast and easily without a traditional wet bath. Fresh and Fluffy stretches out the time between baths, promotes a healthier coat, soothes irritated skin, helps prevent fleas, and generally makes dog owners fall in love.

Biao Skincare

Beautiful inside and out, the acronym and essence of BIAO Skincare. A budding face in the beauty industry, Biao Skincare has set itself apart in the saturated market of natural beauty products. The pure, honest and effective skincare collection consists of three remarkable beauty essentials—a rejuvenating cleanser, lightweight moisturizer, and repairing facial mask.

Simply L Magazine

Quarterly edition that provides varies topics and issues relevant to lesbian women and the LGBT community at large. is a web-based marketplace where people connect to learn from each other—meeting locally at a library or coffee shop, or live on video chat from anywhere in the world. On LRNGO, you can pay an expert to teach you, earn money teaching, or barter and exchange live personal instruction with other users at no cost. Since launching worldwide in March, we have accumulated over 15,000 users in 195 countries (14,000 in the last 5 months).

Kiki Neumann Creations

Kiki Neumann is a Texas Folk Artist and Urban Street Scavenger that repurposes and upcycles cast off items. Kiki has gone from a local company to selling items across Texas.

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